Two Moray Base versions

Moray Base 1.0

The Moray Base 1.0 is a most cost effective floater (both Capex and Opex), with excellent motion characteristics and capable of supporting 15 MW turbines and above in harsh environments. The AiP awarded design focuses on an industrialized fabrication process combined with minimum maintenance requirements.

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Moray Base 2.0

Based on producer feedback, we have developed a unit that is even easier to produce and to transport. While maintaining the production philosophy, the Moray 2.0 replaces the segmented elbows of the Moray 1.0 by even easier producible elbow connections. The patented construction consisting of penetrating horizontal tubes in vertical columns provides for similar superior strength and fatigue behaviour as segmented elbows.

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Moray Base 2.0
AIP awarded

AiP awarded

“Lloyd’s Register’s Approval in Principle for this innovative concept marks a significant milestone for the floating wind sector. The Moray Base design offers a real and tangible vision for how floating wind farms can operate in inhospitable conditions, a crucial step as the industry drives towards a sustainable future.”
Markus Büsig, North Europe Area Manager, Lloyd’s Register

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Blue Wave Award 2022

Moray Base is winner of the Inspirational Blue Wave Award 2022. The Blue Innovation Awards are an initiative of The Blue Cluster to highlight innovative projects, products and services in the blue economy. All entries were judged on five criteria: innovative character; link with economic activities in, on and by the sea; market potential; international ambitions and appeal; and link with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

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Maridea designed two Moray Base versions

  • The “Active” configuration is compact and has a ballast system to compensate for rotor rust.
  • The larger “Passive” configuration, without ballast system is even more maintenance friendly.

The 15 MW Moray Base is designed for harsh world-wide conditions. The shown 9.5 MW design is projected in a more moderate environment.

Pipe diameter9.3m12m15m
Centre spacing61m84m105m
(Hs 6.5 m)
Harsh world wide
(Hs 11 m)
Harsh world wide
(Hs 11 m)
Floater lightweight2500t4900t9000t
Turbine weight1050t1600t1900t
Operation draught18.6m24m30m

Tailored design

Foundation concept is generic

  • Scale/sizing to be optimized for turbine
  • Scantlings to be optimized for farm site

Support of 15MW turbine is possible with 12m tube diameter which is suitable for existing production facilities.

Design evolution

Moray Base 2.0