The future of wind industry

Moray Base:
15 MW floating foundation

Ideal for mass production


Cost effective floater

The future of wind industry requires development of windfarms in water depths over 100m to meet the increasing global energy demand. For this purpose Maridea has developed the Moray Base concept: a most cost effective floater (both Capex and Opex), with excellent motion characteristics and capable of supporting 15 MW turbines and above in harsh environments. The patent pending design focusses on an industrialized fabrication process combined with minimum maintenance requirements.

Moray Base at a glance

  • Suitable for highly automated production in large series
  • No nodes: reducing fatigue hotspots hence avoids costly offshore repairs
  • A thick walled steel structure without close-spaced framing
  • Single curved plating only (segmented elbows)
  • No need for expensive drydocks, assembly and turbine erection at only 7.5m draught
  • Allowing turbine erection and commissioning inshore
  • Easy inspectable
  • Well accessible with installation vessels
  • TRL 4-5