growth of floating offshore wind

Need for a concept that enables mass production

Turbines will grow in size and new farms will consist of a large number of turbines in deep waters.

The Moray Base enables all these developments, in particular the demand for industrialized production. For comparison reasons a 9.5MW Moray Base was developed. In relation to other concepts the industrialized production reduces the foundation investment with 50% when designed for similar environments.

Shallow water locations in Europe get scarce, while most emerging wind markets have shallow water locations that suffer from soft soils (such as China and Korea) or lack shallow water locations at all (such as California or Japan). The demand for global wind is expected to rise from about 200 MW in development today to 250 GW installed in 2050. To enable this huge growth, the production of floating foundation production will need to be similarly industrialized as the fabrication of turbines, just alike the production of monopiles in bottom fixed offshore wind.

Moray BaseSparTLPSemi sub
Turbine15 MW15 MW9.5 MW8.8 MW9.5 MW9.5 MW
Cost/turbine rating1.7€/W1.3€/W1.4€/W2.5€/W2.0€/W2.9€/W

*Active: equipped with ballast system to compensate for turbine thurst.

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